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Solution TitleWhy do I receive a 'Certificate not trusted' message when starting up Switch 13.1?
Solution Number00000828
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When starting Switch 13 upgrade 1 an error window pop's up stating 'Failed to get apps info: Certificate not trusted' or 'Failed to install apps: Error: Certificate not trusted.'

Starting from Switch 13 upgrade 1, the Enfocus Appstore has been added to Switch. To connect to the Enfocus Appstore, a connection to a secure HTTPS URL is made to establish a connection to the Appstore and check if and which apps need to be installed or are licensed on this Switch. For security reasons, after a couple of years the HTTPS certificates need to be renewed by a Certificate Authority. The library within Switch that connects to the Appstore keeps a list of known Certificate Authorities (CA) in this part of the application. With the renewal of the HTTPS certificate, a new Certificate Authority was used, which is not known in this CA list and as such the error 'Certificate not trusted' is shown.

The easiest and most straightforward solution would be to upgrade Switch. In the newer versions of Switch this issue does not occur, the certificates are trusted correctly and connection to the Enfocus Appstore can be set up.

If upgrading is not possible than another option would be to disable the certificate check. Please be aware that this is not advised and not a secure way of working. The best and most secure way would be to upgrade as explained above.
However, if you are aware of the security issues related to this, but still want to disable the certificate check, then please refer to the steps below:

- Start an elevated Command prompt window. ( > Click Start > Type CMD in search box > Right-click on cmd.exe and choose 'Run as Administrator' )
- On elevated command line run the following command:

1. Switch Server is NOT started automatically on user login. (Switch prefs -> User interface -> Start Switch Server automatically at Login)

Unzip the attached (link) and set it to the login items on Mac.
Steps to set to login items:
- Mac > System Preferences > Users & Groups
- Select the user under which Switch runs
- In the lower left click on the 'Lock' icon to unlock the preferences
- On the right side pane, click on the '+' button
- Locate the unzipped from the link above, and select it
- 'startup' app should now be added to the list of items that open automatically when you log in.

2. Switch Server is started automatically on user login.

The same approach as above might not work because the order of startup items is not defined. To set the environment variable so that Switch applies it when started at login:

- Start Terminal.
- Execute command: echo \launchctl setenv NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED 0 >> ~/.bash_profile
- Do not close Terminal, restart the system checking the checkbox "Reopen windows when logging back in".

This way terminal will be opened on relogin and environment variable will be set.
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