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Solution TitleWhen is Active Directory Switch User info updated?
Solution Number00000822
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It's possible to retrieve Switch User's info from users in LDAP by adding Active Directory users within the Switch Users menu. When changes are made in LDAP for certain users, such as email address or last name, this information is not immediately pushed to Switch.
Switch does an LDAP refresh every hour. 
When Active Directory groups are updated in the user's database, the following information will be logged in your messages:

"The Active Directory groups in the users database were updated using the actual information from the Active Directory server"

If you add a single LDAP user, the Switch User database is not automatically updated.

Switch receives and updates information (Full Name and Email) only for users in LDAP groups. You can simply add a group to update information about your users. 

If you add an LDAP user and do not add their Active Directory group in the User's pane, the information will not be updated.

This means that:
- Individually added LDAP users will not be updated automatically.
- Users within an LDAP group are updated automatically every hour, regardless of submission points. The user group must be added to the User's panel.
- LDAP groups added to a Submit Point will be updated automatically.
- LDAP groups added in the User's panel (but not assigned to anything), and afterward, that one individual from the group is added to a Submit Point the info of that user will be updated automatically. 
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