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Solution TitleMy PitStop windows appear dark and some text becomes unreadable.
Solution Number00000819
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Acrobat has its own display theme called ‘Dark Gray’.
When this Display Theme is used, the PitStop Pro windows may appear dark and make some black text unreadable. 

The Display Theme in Acrobat can deviate from macOS’ Dark Mode. This means that your system can be set in ‘Light Mode’ while Acrobat can be set in ‘Dark Gray’.
PitStop Pro does currently not support macOS’ Dark Mode; nor does it support the 'Dark Gray' Display Theme in Acrobat DC. 

The workaround for this is to use ‘Light Mode’ in your System Preferences and ‘Light Gray’ as Acrobat’s Display Theme.
(View > Display Theme > Light Gray)

It may be required to restart Acrobat Pro before the PitStop Pro window(s) will revert to normal.

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