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Solution TitleSwitch Web Portal 2019 not showing metadata or receiving 'Job does not exist or access denied' error when trying to view a job in a Checkpoint
Solution Number00000800
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Problem description
The Switch 2019 Spring release uses a higher version of node.js, which has certain limits that earlier versions of node.js didn’t have. If you have a lot of Submit Points/Checkpoints (+20), you might experience the following issue:
  • meta data fields not being visible in the client
  • when trying to view a job in the client, you get a message: “Job does not exist or access denied”

Current workaround

The current workaround is to force node.js to remove one of those limits. This can be done this way:


Ensure you are logged in as the administrator of the system (when working in a domain, it is possible you’ll need to login as a domain administrator instead of a local administrator), and execute the following command on the command line:

setx -m NODE_OPTIONS --max-http-header-size=80000

  1. When your Switch Server is NOT started automatically when the user logs on

  2. When the Switch Server is setup to be started automatically when the user logs on:
    • Open the Terminal
    • Execute echo \launchctl setenv NODE_OPTIONS--max-http-header-size=80000 >> ~/.bash_profile
    • Keep the Terminal open and restart the system, be sure to enable the ‘Reopen windows when logging back in’ before restarting
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