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Solution TitleHow can I activate my product in a Secure Enviornment?
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My company does not allow internet access nor for any files to be transferred to or from the computer with the software installed.  How can I activate a key?

For permanent keys, at the very least, you will need to copy one XML from the secure computer, and one back to the secure computer.

Offline activation exists out of 3 steps:
- create a request file on the machine that has PitStop Pro installed and place it on an USB stick (or other media that will allow to move to another computer)
- move the request file to a computer with internet access and browse to the offline activation page on the Enfocus website (,
  upload the file and download the response file to place it on the USB stick.
- load the response file in PitStop on the machine that is not connected to the internet.

Detailed instructions are available in this section of the PitStop Pro Quick Start Guide:

For Subscriptions, it is required that the system running the subscription be online once a month for the subscription to be checked.

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