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Solution TitleI cannot see my Submit Points in Switch Client after upgrading to Switch 2019
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I cannot see my submit points after upgrading to Switch 2019.

Following the release of Switch 2019, the Legacy Switch Client will no longer be supported.  It will continue to work in previous versions of Switch but it is not an option in Switch 2019.
If you have upgraded to Switch 2019 and you try to use Switch Client, you will get the error below and you won’t be able to reach Submit Points in Switch Client.

Use the Switch Web Portal. To get to the Switch Web Portal you can open any browser window and enter the IP address or the hostname, localhost, or the IP of the computer running the Switch Server followed by ":51089" and the port number for the Switch Web Portal (as set in the Switch Preferences Web Services category). The default port number is 51089.


That will take you to the Web Portal where, depending on your User Preferences you will see Submit Points, Checkpoints, Job Boards and Messages. 
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