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Solution TitleHow to solve the error "Failure to move file (win32 system error)"?
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How to solve the error "Failure to move file (win32 system error)"?

I receive the following error in my PitStop Server logs:
PitStop Library failed to move file here : error A Win32 System Error has occurred

PitStop Server requested the operating system to move the file. If the operating system was unable to move the file for some reason, then it will give the "Failure to move file (win32 system error)" error message.


The operating system may fail to move the file for one of the following reasons:

  • Another application is using the file.
    To avoid this please make sure that all scanning applications (antivirus, antispyware, backup software, archiving software, time machine, spotlight, ...) ignore the location of the hotfolders in their scans to avoid conflicts with PitStop Server.
  • The application which wrich places the file in the hotfolder is still writing the file in that location.
    To avoid this, please set the "Process files only after" setting in the Processing category of the general PitStop Server settings to a higher value. This way PitStop Server will give the application which writes the file in the input folder more time to complete.
  • A permission issue.
    Please make sure that PitStop Server has full read and write permissions in the input and output folders.
  • The resulting file path is too long.
    Filesystems can have a limit in the length that a full file path (folder location + filename + extension) may have. If you have a deep folder structure and you use long filenames, then it is possible that the filepath PitStop Server has to create is longer than the allowed limit.
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